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Mid-speed ZGM Series Vertical Mill
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Product: Views:455Mid-speed ZGM Series Vertical Mill 
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Last updated: 2018-08-14 03:23

As the largest manufacturer specialized in Mid-speed ZGM Series Vertical Mill in China, Beijing Power Equipment Group always pays close attention to the new technology for energy conservation and emission reduction around the world; sticks to the path of high-end development for high-end technology, products, market and clients with its own characteristics; unswervingly promotes independent innovation; through the technological accumulation, integrated innovation and independent innovation, provides comprehensive resolution plan for consumption reduction and energy conservation and constantly improved grinding equipment to the users involving many industries, such as electric power, metallurgy, building materials, coal and chemical industry. All these make our grinding technology catch up with the international level of environment protection, energy conservation and high efficiency all along. We have rich experience of manufacture and outstanding market achievement in manufacturing ZGM mill, MPS mill, BRM instant mill, MBF mill, LM mill, E-shape mill, monocular mill and double in-and-out mill.

——Mid-speed ZGM series Vertical Mill--Mid-speed ZGM Series Vertical Mill

The product of famous brand, ZGM coal mill, manufactured independently in China has finished a series of design in 8 models and 73 specifications. On this basis, we have successfully manufactured a new-generation medium-speed roller type coal mill of leading level at home, and it smoothly passed national technical appraisement for new products in December 2009. After the field tests and wide applications in domestic and foreign engineering, these products are proved to produce marked effect in high-end technology of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Beijing Power Equipment Group takes "Giving priority to coal mill, while developing various grinding equipments" as its development pattern, and takes the competitive advantage of the grinding equipments that “its products have the most specifications, the most varieties, the most advanced technology, the optimal cost performance, and strongest comprehensive matching capacity”. It takes the front-runner status among the equipment supplier of the same kinds in industries, such as electric power, metallurgy, building materials and chemical industry, and its occupancies in electric power market and non-electric market are over 50% and over 75% respectively.


The body of ZGM coal mill is composed of engine base, housing, classifier, reduction box, spray head, milling device (Millstone and three rollers), hydraulic pressure loading device, pulverized coal distributor box, seal device, slag discharging unit, vapor explosion-proof device, basic platen and footpath and so on. The main matching devices arelubrication unit, hydraulic unit, seal fan, electric motor and electric control cabinet and so on.


1. Pulverized Coal Distributor Box 

2. Classifier 

3. Explosion-proof Vapor Pipeline 

4. Hot Wind Entrance 

5. Strike-off Board Group 

6. Reduction Box 

7. Electric Motor 

8. Seal Wind Pipeline 

9. Press Frame 

10. Bar 

11. Grinding Roller 

12. Spray Head 

13. Millstone 

14. Driving Disc 

15. Slag Discharging  pole 

16. Seal Hoop 

17. Loading Cylinder and Energy Storage

● Product Model and Performance Parameter

Product Model

Performance Parameter


Power 89kW, Output 10.1t/h (HGI=50, Mt=10%, R90=20%, Aar≤20%)


Power 106-176kW, Output 12-23t/h (HGI=50, Mt=10%, R90=20%, Aar≤20%)


Power 185-335kW, Output 21-38t/h (HGI=50, Mt=10%, R90=20%, Aar≤20%)


Power 293-428kW, Output 33-56t/h (HGI=50, Mt=10%, R90=20%, Aar≤20%)


Power 440-641kW, Output 50-86t/h (HGI=50, Mt=10%, R90=20%, Aar≤20%)


Power 632-787kW, Output 72-105t/h (HGI=50, Mt=10%, R90=20%, Aar≤20%)


Power 770-950kW, Output 87-127t/h (HGI=50, Mt=10%, R90=20%, Aar≤20%)


Power 964-1231kW, Output 109-165t/h (HGI=50, Mt=10%, R90=20%, Aar≤20%)

● Technology Feature

ZGM coal mill, through the reasonable matching and optimal design of the parameters such as millstone speed and loading power, noticeably improves its output compared with the previous basic mill types; adopt many new technologies such as the independently developed new anti-friction material, static and dynamic combined type revolving classifier and advanced hydraulic pressure variable loading technology to obviously improve the comprehensive performance of coal mill; and has the characteristics of wide serviceability, high-efficiency grinding, low electric consumption, long service life, security and reliability, easy operation and convenient repair.

● Scope of Application

It is applied in the equipments for grinding pulverized coal in the industries such as electric power, metallurgy, building materials, coal and chemical industry, and in the coals such as bituminous coal, anthracite and lignite, with an adjustable pulverized coal fineness R90 between 2% and 40%.